Monday, June 17, 2013


Somehow I had misplaced Merrick's soccer pictures
but luckily I found them and they are awesome!!!

I missed seeing Merrick actually play in a game,
one reason because of Berkleigh's dance recital the 
other reason being it was Memorial day weekend and 
all games were canceled....but I was
able to get some good shots of Merrick's practice...

I know this is kind of an unfortunate picture...
but then again it was just to cute to leave out....

Playing hard...
Cute red face...
Awesome hair...
= super cute grandson!!!

Meanwhile on the sidelines, Quincy got in some 
great moves too...

 Do they make soccer shoes for this size
player? I am sure moms (or Grandmas) would
 buy them if they did...

She might also need her own water bottle
next time...
So cute...

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Another reason for going to Oregon....

....Jennifer's Birthday!!! 
Yea!!! I got to be there for Jen's 33rd Birthday!!! 
I can't believe that she is that old because I thought I 
was still 33!!!!
(I guess I need to get out my calculator!!!)
(or my birth certificate!!!) was fun even though it was on a Sunday.

Jen made this cute banner and painted it with chalkboard paint!!!
I love it...I need to make one too...
When I arrived it said, "Welcome Grandma!!!"
So fun!!!

Tyson made us waffles for breakfast....fabulous!!!
And all week little gifts came for Jen in the mail...
all from Tyson!!! Isn't he fabulous!!!

We gave her (Wayne and I) 
a new raincoat...

(Doesn't she look like she is about 20!!!)

...a must have cookbook...

...and a must have
Downton Abbey book!!!

Later on we went on a walk to their secret bridge...
Hope you had a great Birthday Jen!!!
Love you!!!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

The reason for going to Salem

I have been planning on going to Oregon to see Berkleigh
perform in her dance recital since about November of last year.
When the time finally came....I was very exciting to see
her getting all made up for her big debut...

When it was time to go...of was she donned
her rain cute....

Berkleigh, on the far right, and her BFF, Tessa, in the center
were the only two who really knew what was going on...but
it is a beginning class. And it didn't really matter anyway
because everybody loved them....

Jennifer bought the girls sunflowers for after the
performance....they were adorable.

And it just wouldn't be right to wear lipstick without a touch
of frosting on top!!!
The reason Berkleigh had this cupcake was a really cute
story.  When she was finished with her
practice the day before the recital, we walked outside the theater
and started taking pictures of Berkleigh and her friend Tessa.
Just down the street from the 
theater there is a bakery.
The lady who owns the bakery
ran outside and asked the girls to wait because she had something
special for them. She came back out with these bright yellow
frosted cupcakes.
We are thinking she probably frosted them just for the girls...
so sweet.

I wanted to add Merrick's soccer pictures at this point in the blog but
unfortunately something happened to my camera and it started 
to delete pictures. Merrick's are gone but I have a feeling I will have lots more chances to take pictures of Merrick playing soccer...
Sorry buddy...I am really disappointed because they were awesome.
Love you are both amazing!!!