Monday, June 16, 2008

Girl's Camp 2008!!!

I went to Girl's Camp last week and had a really great time!!!
The theme was:

I wish my camera worked because then I would have some
pictures of the the girls from the Lake Charles ward and
also from the Orange, Texas Stake.
But instead here are some of my favorite activities from camp!!!

We went swimming, canoeing and water sliding!!
We had great classes and certification!!!

We made fun craft projects, like this cool photo album.

We made some red, sparkly flip flops, so we could all look like Dorothy
for the last nights program and testimony meeting.
And all of the leaders were given this great plaque to remind us
of our Eternal home that we are working towards.
We were very spoiled by having air conditioned cabins,
nice showers and great cooks to feed us for each meal.
(It was great not having to cook!!)
Thanks Vicki, Gwen, Kristen and Samantha!!!
And of course we hung out with the girls and some of my best friends,
Julie and Lynn.
It was an all round great time!!!