Sunday, November 8, 2009

I Love to See the Temple....

One of the men in our Branch in Jennings
loves to build small replicas of buildings
in Thailand, since that is where he is from.
He likes to share his unique culture in the form
of buildings and other Asian art forms.
It is very cool.

So for our Primary Sacrament Program
we asked him if he could build a replica
of the Houston Temple.

We have all been very impressed with his abilities
and especially since he built this from
just a few pictures.

Our Primary children loved it too.

We had a great program with lots of
talent from the cute children
in our little branch.

Great job kids!!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


I love Halloween especially when our
son and daughter in law are so into Halloween!!
This year Chris decided to build some stilts to go
with his scary Grinth costume that he (I helped a bit) made
for Halloween last year.
If you don't know who Grinth is, then you will have to play
the computer game, Guild Wars, to find out.

We had fun spending the evening handing out candy with
Jen and her parents, while Chris impressed the
neighborhood children with his scary costume.

Do you just love the picture!!
I even captured the full moon in the background!!

And you just gotta love his eyes!!!

I loved this picture too because it looked like he
was about to eat Jen!!
But she doesn't look too scared!!!

Great job Chris!!!
We will be waiting for you to outdo
yourself again next year!!!

Happy Halloween!!!