Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sentimental Halloween...

Every year at Halloween I put out this little pumpkin
 that Chris made in the 3rd grade.
 He is almost worn out but he is so cute that
every year after Halloween is over I just put
him back into the Halloween box to save for yet
another year. Chris's name is just barely
legible and the back has a big hole in it.

But he reminds me of all of the cute little things that
the kids use to make at school and bring home
to decorate the house.
I remember not really appreciating them at the time
but I am glad that I saved a few of them.
Even though he is nearly worn out he 
is my favorite Halloween decoration and
I hope he will stay around for a few 
more years to come.
I guess I am just getting old and sentimental!!!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Check this off my bucket list...

Our friends asked Wayne and I to go with their family to 
our local farm to check out their
corn maze!!!
We haven't ever been out to the farm before...
it was kind of amazing!!!

Their pumpkins were amazing...

They had a lot of fun things for the kids to do...

...and Wayne tried all of them!!!
They also had some amazing pumpkins
for purchase.....

They had a bouncy thing that Ethan 
was really good at but he didn't want to
look at me.
We also played volleyball and a bit of basketball!

We saved the maze for the end...
so it would be dark....and spooky....
and dark.......

Only in the south would you see a corn maze with 
a scripture reference included...

I am really glad that they gave us a map because
we would have surely gotten lost without it...
(which we did a couple of times anyway!!!) 

We only finished about half the maze...
it was long and kind of buggy...but fun!!!
I am glad Wayne thought to bring the 
bug repellent...
More amazing pumpkins...
I kind of like pumpkins!!!!
Thanks Melinda for including us!!!