Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines Day Traditions.....

This year for the twins birthday,
(which is also Valentine's Day)
Jennifer is planning a circus birthday party.

I have been busy making another
pettiskirt for Berkleigh.
(I made a purple one for her last year which she loves)

But this year it is going to be red
and they are always so much fun to make....

After the fabric is cut out into many little 2 inch stripes,
I always wonder if I really need 4 yards of fabric
for a three year olds "skirt"!!!

Here is a picture in progress...
And this isn't even all the pieces....

Well... I don't want to hold you in suspense....
.......the answer is yes!!!
Can you believe this little skirt used
4 yards of fabric???
(If you look closely you will notice it is standing up by itself!!)

And we don't want to leave Merrick out of the fun...
He is getting a bow tie for his special day...

Watch for further posts to see the twins in their outfits.
The party isn't until next Saturday...
but we are traveling to California tomorrow!!!
We are very excited to see them all again.

Hope You Have A Very Happy Valentine's Day
full of your own family traditions!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

He's back!!!!

Hurray!!! Our missionary is home!!!
We are so excited to finally have Matthew
home from Mexico after his two years of service!!!

It was a very long wait.
He was expected to come into the Lake Charles
airport at 7:05 pm on Monday,
but his plane from Mexico City was late taking off.
He didn't leave Mexico City until about 3:00
in the afternoon. So he didn't get to the Dallas airport
until about 7:00.

He missed his connecting flight to the LC so
the best he could do was fly to Houston.
So when he called we jumped (literally) into
the car and drove to the Houston airport.

Do you just love the hat!!!

He had to wait for a few minutes for us to arrive but
not too long.

His Dallas flight was a little late too!!!

We were just glad to finally see him
and hug him again!!!

He was released from his mission the next night at
President Newton's house. It was all very nice.
Matthew bore his testimony in Spanish and then again in English.

We all had tears in our eyes.

We are now acclimating him back to life in
America. Chris supplied us with flags for our
American style breakfast with all of the fixings!!

And then they got creative......

We are so happy to have you home Matthew.
We are so proud of you for all that you accomplished in the
two years that you were in service to the Lord.

Congratulations!!!! We love you!!!!