Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tea Time...

 Julie and I decided that we wanted to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee
of Queen Elizabeth ll by having our very own tea party. I know that the official jubilee was a couple of week ago but this week both of our husbands were out of town on business and we had time to really make it special.

We went all out and even got dressed up...Julie in her cute hat..
(I don't have a hat but I do have a bow in my hair) and
I have on my pearls.

 Julie made cucumber sandwiches
and I made deviled eggs.


 I polished my moms silver...

The top one in this picture has my great grandfather's 
initials engraved in the handle ( J.A. for John Thomas Appleby Jr.) or it could be my great, great grandfather's whose name was also John Thomas Appleby Sr. and the sugar spoon has my mom's initials
in the handle... E.A. for Eudora Ellen Appleby.

While I was getting ready I kept thinking how much easier this would be if I had a they do on Downton Abbey...
But if I lived during that time...I might not have had a maid...
I might have even been a maid....

I think I am just fine cleaning my own house....
and living with modern conveniences... 

but I think what I would really like is 
to have my own cook!!!

Anyway...I have a few tea cups, which were also my mom's, and
a sugar bowl and creamer but I 
did not have a tea I decided to go to the antique store
to see if I could find one.
There were probably 20 different tea pots to choose from. Most of them were modern and didn't seem to fit the occasion...
but then I found this one... 
Made in is a Gibson Staffordshire teapot....
and I was surprised and pleased at how reasonable it was.
I don't usually care for gold but I knew my tea cups had gold edges so even though it doesn't match it would look as cute as possible...
Plus it is a bit worn, especially on the handle, but it has personality
and probably a cool history.
I love it!!! 
 During tea we watched
"Lost in Austen" a cute take off from
"Pride and Prejudice." 


 And we worked on our paper dolls...which are actually fabric...
They are so cute and have a bunch of really cute clothes to go
with them.
We didn't get them quite finished...
The little blond pony-tailed girl is done and has on one of the outfits...

...but we can finish them up during out next tea party...
Sooo fun...!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Our first tomato of the season!!!

 Wooo Hoooo!!!!
We have been watching this little tomato for the last few
days because it has finally starting to turn red!!!
So Wayne told me this morning before he went to work
that we had better pick it before our
squirrel friends decided to have a taste.
(That is what happened last year to most of our tomatoes)

The funny thing is....this tomato came off of our smallest plant!!!
Go figure!!!
 We are thinking the tomato plants are not getting enough sun
and maybe next year we will have to move it away from the house. 

We will just keep trying.
Our beans did pretty well...we will probably still get some more
beans before they are through.