Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Last week my Bff, Julie and I went to the
Women's Conference here in Lake Charles.
They have it every year and every year they invite
an amazing woman to come and speak.
This year they invited Vicki Lawrence from the Carol Burnett show.
The conference lasted all day and they had
classes and booths and luncheon with the celebrity.
So Julie and I decided we had to go to the luncheon
and see Vicki Lawrence even if that was all we did!!
Vicki was amazing and really funny.
I always loved her as Mama on the show.

While we were there we went around and looked at
some of the booths and collected all of the free
stuff that they gave out.
One of the businesses had a photo booth. So
we dressed up and got some free shots....

We had a blast!!!