Friday, November 12, 2010

Visiting the Fam

About a month ago
(I know why didn't I blog about this earlier)
I went to visit my dad, my sister Mary Jane
and her husband, Rob, in Washington.

(My dad has Merrick and Berkleigh's hugs around his neck)

We had a great time hanging out together
which is what I miss the most.
But one day we went to Tacoma
to see the Museum of Glass...
It was fantastic!!!

We saw these beautiful glass
sculptures outside...

...and inside we watched them make some of their
sculptures which they display or sell.

This one was huge and they added silver and
glass pieces to the side.
This pictures makes it look like a reflection but it is
actually the design in the glass.
It only took them about an hour and we were
mesmerized from start to finish.
Of course Mary and I could have stayed here
all day....

...but we went back outside to see the glass bridge
and more amazing sculptures.

The glass bridge had glass pieces in the ceiling...

...and more on the walls, which was amazing because
it was an amazing day and the sun was shining through
these amazing pieces of art.
(do you understand that it was amazing!!!!!)

I also took pictures of my dad's dahlias.
They are really pretty (amazing).
He is really proud of them.
While I was there we always had at least
one vase of flowers on the table.

Love you guys!!! Thanks for letting me come
and hang out with you!!!!