Friday, September 28, 2012

Vacation 2012 part 3

 For the last part of our trip we journeyed to Manti, Utah to see
Wayne's family. The temple is always a highlight of our trip but this year
they have completed the park on the opposite side of the road and put in a reflecting pool. It is very cool and makes for another great
picturesque spot.

Usually when we see Wayne's mom and dad we are able
 to stay longer but this year we had to get a lot done 
in a short amount of time. 

But we did have time for some of our favorite activities like...

...helping Dad with the chickens...

...gathering eggs...

 ...and helping in the garden.
I helped by picking the bell peppers and then mom and I
cut them up and froze they so she can use them later.

One of the peppers had grown around the stock of the plant
so when I picked it, it was extremely bumpy.
Then when we turned it upside down we decided that
 it looked like a frog!!!
Mom was going to save it as long as she could so she could
show it was really funny.

Wayne and Dad cut out dead branches from out 
of their apple tree and hauled them away.
(sorry no pictures)
And while they were busy with that, Dad asked if I
could sort through some of their pictures.
 Fortunately, I found this adorable picture
of Kathy (Wayne's littlest sister) with Jennifer.
Kathy must be about 15 and Jennifer looks about 2.
So adorable!!!

Our other project that took most of our time,
was helping Matthew purchase a car.
We were extremely blessed by finding a great little
Honda, Civic. The owner had just put the car in the paper
that morning and it was such a great buy that we just
snatched it right up. 
It looks brand new from the pictures but it is actually
7 years old and has 85,000 miles on it.
They had taken really good care of it so we felt
it was the perfect car for our buddy.

But of course after we had taken care of all the paperwork,
 he had to leave to go back to school. And we had to
leave and come back home...

But we had a great trip and loved seeing everyone.
Catch you again next year!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Vacation 2012 part 2

Here we are, still in Salem, out on a walk with the kidos.

 I am not sure if Quincy liked my sunglasses better
or the camera better!!! But she loves to get her picture taken!!!

Merrick and Berkleigh already had their new school
clothes purchased before we arrived
we had to have a fashion show so Grandma
could see how cute they were going to look on their
first day of school...
these are two of my favorites.

 Do you love the red carpet? If you look close you 
can see Buzz standing up and applauding too!!!

The Oregon County fair was going on while we were there
so one night we went and had a great time.
We went to see the animals.
This lamb was really tame and soft!!!

They had some pigmy goats with tiny little baby
kids...they were so cute and tiny.

Loved the lambs...

...and the horses.

This pig didn't like me taking its
I hurried and got out of there!!!
The kids each choose a ride...
Merrick picked the helicopter and Berkleigh 
choose the hot air balloon.
The next day we were off to
Washington to see my Dad and my sister.
My Dad's 101st birthday was on August 27th...
so we went to celebrate!!!

Just a reminder from last year when we also
 went to his birthday party, Dad is almost 
exactly 100 years older than Quincy.
He was born in 1911 and she was born in 2011!!!

We gave him presents...

 ...Just two of Dad's favorite things,
(besides his daughters and grandchildren)
John Wayne and Westerns!!!

 We also played the card game that
Mom and Dad used to play about every day...
"King's in the Corners."

I think all of us had a chance to win at least once.

It was fun seeing everyone again and hanging out

The next day Jennifer took us to Portland. We were going 
to catch our plane the next morning to SLC.

 She showed us around downtown Portland. 
We had lunch at this awesome cafe called the
Waffle Window...
Berkleigh's has peaches, blueberries, strawberry sauce
and lemon curd on top of a sugary sweet waffle.
(Wayne and I also had this one) 
 And Merrick had the chocolate and peanut butter.
They were the best waffles I have ever had!!!

Later that afternoon she took us to get doughnuts at the Voodoo
Doughnut house. Their doughnuts were also covered with all kinds of 
yummy stuff...mine had oreos on top!!!
(Sorry no pics...I think I was on a sugar high)

It was so fun but it wore us all out....

Part 3...On to SLC!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Vacation 2012...part 1

We just returned form going to see the family!!!
We had a great time as usual...mostly because it had been 
a full 4 months since we had seen Jen, Tyson and the kidos.
(But it really felt more like a year!)

 We arrived in time to go to Merrick and Berkleigh's new school's
ribbon cutting ceremony!!!
They are the first Kindergarten class of the Battle Creek Bears fun for them!!!

The library books were brand new...
The gym is brand new... 
They have brand new school shirts....

 ....and a brand new playground!!!
It was awesome and they are very excited to start
and we are very excited for them!!!

 We also went to Silver Falls State Park....

 and walked down and behind Silver Falls.

It was especially fun to have this little munchkin
along for the ride.

Grandpa and Quincy went ahead of us and when we
finally caught up to them...they were just
taking it easy!!!

Berkleigh got really thirsty so we stopped for a drink!!!
And we were lucky enough to have Uncle Matthew
come too!!!

And in case you don't know this already....
Jennifer always has a project for us when we come to visit!!!
I am not complaining because if I were her, I would also
take advantage of having three extra adults
around for a week.

 Matthew and Jen sanded and painted the crib...

 While Grandpa and I painted B and Q's room 
and the rocking chair.

 It looks fabulous and it will even look more
fabulous when Jen finishes decorating.

I really don't know how these two pictures got out of order
but I am not going to worry about it.
The Battle Creek Elementary also has a new cafeteria!!!
And you will have to wait for the rest of our vaca pictures
during part 2....