Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Two Christmas' in one !!!

How much fun is one Christmas!??!
Well, times that by two, because we had twice the fun this year!!!
Before going to California we spent Christmas (about a week early)
with Chris and Jen!!!
We had dinner, opened gifts, played games and watched Chris play
with his new toy helicopter!!!

They thoughtfully gave me really cute "Brighten" earrings
(my favorite brand)
and this really cute star to go with my starless Nativity!!!
Now it looks complete!!!

Then after flying to California to see Jennifer, Tyson,
Berkleigh and Merrick, we spent Christmas with them.
Berkleigh got a kitchen set which she apparently loved because after
seeing it we had a hard time getting her attention back on opening presents.
Uncle Chris and Aunt Jen got the twins this tent set which they also loved.
After we set it up for them they played in it for hours!!

Jennifer painted this watercolor picture for me of Seacliff beach in Aptos
where I grew up. Past the pier is a cement boat which has been there
since 1919. It use to be a restaurant and dance hall until
the depression when it was left empty.
Now it is a home for seagulls and pelicans.
Because we will not be going back every year to visit my parents,
(my Dad just moved to Washington to live with my sister and her family)
Jennifer knew how much I would miss this beach.
I love this picture and hung it up in a special place as soon as
we arrived home.
I have such thoughtful children!!!!

We also did a four way call on Christmas day with Matthew, Chris,
Jennifer and Mom and Dad.
Matthew is doing great and is loving his mission.
He was just transferred from
Mazitlan to Culiacan which is were the mission home is.
He is having trouble emailing pictures home but hopefully
we will have more pictures to share soon.

We feel so blessed at this time of year to share this wonderful
Christmas season of Christ's birth with our family and friends.
We hope all of you have had a