Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our Family Tree

Last summer we had a
Sorensen Family Reunion in Cedar City, Utah.
It had been a long time since we had all been
together so it was very fun seeing everyone again.
Most of our nieces and nephews have grown up
and are starting families of their own.
It was a really fun time.
So to commemorate the event we made a
Family Tree with everyone's hand print
as the leaves on the tree.

When we got home I decided to make it into
a quilt for Mom and Dad. I am finally getting
around to finishing it.

Here are some of our favorite
hand prints....
Matthew was still on his mission, but we didn't
want to leave him out.... so his hand is actually
Chris' hand.

Wayne and I tried to interlock our hands...

And of course Mom and Dad..
or Grandma and Grandpa..
(or Great Grandma and Grandpa)
are on the tree's trunk.
Jennifer had the greatest idea to put their
initials inside a heart on the tree trunk, and
we added apples for color.
I thought it turned out cute.

This was my first large freehand quilting project..
it was really fun to do but I need some more practice.
(So you might not want to look too closely)

I am looking forward to having another
family reunion when everyone is ready!!!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Birthday Girl!!!!

Happy Birthday Jennifer!!!
Here are thirty reasons why you are
the very best daughter ever!!!

1. You were a super sweet baby!!!

Happy first Birthday!!!

2. You are a really great friend!!!

3. You were always a really good student
and loved going to school.
This is your first day of first grade.

4.You always had fun with
our Holiday traditions.

5.You loved Christmas and getting cool
Christmas presents.

6. You love the beach!!!

7. You are always really beautiful
and we could count on you to be a worthy young woman.

8. You graduated with honors and we have always
been really proud of you.

9. You have always been a great sister.

10. You have always been ready to go
on a fun trip anywhere!!!

(Yes, that is Stonehenge!!!)

11. Always a little crazy, but we love you just the way you are!!
(This was taken in the executioners room in York, England)

12. We were always proud of you for
finding such great guy as Tyson and
marrying in the temple.

13. You are always a fun daughter....

14. ...and granddaughter.

15. You have the cutest twins

16. You love to keep your parents up on the latest,
such as going to see "Wicked".

17. You love Mary Poppins!!!

18. You are always teaching
Berkleigh and Merrick something fun!!!

19. You love Halloween and you are
super creative with costumes for
the twins.

20. Always giving the twins the very best
examples to follow!!!
(just kidding, you truly are)

21. You are a really kind and loving mom!!

22. You are always taking the twins to the "happiest
places on earth"!!

23. The maker of the best
birthday parties ever!!!

24. Besides being a great mother you are also
a great wife.

25. You are a really good cook and you like to make
fun foods for the
(She once made an octopus out of a hot dog!!)

26. You are always really dependable and faithfully
works hard doing your callings at church.

(Remember when you had about 4 separate callings?)

27. She graduated from BYU and taught school
for a few years before having
Berkleigh and Merrick.

(She was still working up to 2 weeks before!!)

28. You are a financial genius, and finds all kinds of

(Just see one of her last posts!!)

29. You are always thinking of new and
inventive ways to teach the twins.

(Watch for this summers posts!!!)

30. You are just the best daughter a mom
could have!!! Thanks for always being so sweet,
fun and good!!

Have a really wonderful Birthday!!!!
Love you tons,
Mom and Dad

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I am to have this mother...

Note this is not my baby, but it is a great picture of my mom. :)

Oh, how I wish I could spend the day with her.

She is a great example to me. If I do anything right as a mom it is because I am following the example my she set for me to follow.

I wrote this post about her for her 50th birthday. I hate to reuse, but there is a lot of good stuff in it! :)

I love you mom! Sorry I am lame, and didn't get your present off yet. You just need to live closer so I don't have to worry about that. :)

You see, I try to make her awesome things, because she is SUPER creative. I have the best intentions, but it takes me awhile to pull through. Not one of my best traits, and not something I got from my mom.