Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas morning

 This year we have had two Christmas's because Jennifer
 and family, minus Tyson :(
came a couple of weeks early.
It has been a blast!!!

On December 13th we opened presents... new jamies...

...and games.

I made Jennifer a "Family Yahtzee" game which turned 
out super cute. All of the 5 blocks have their
pictures on the sides.

Quincy got a cute new doll that I think looks kind of like her!!!

 Merrick got a Transformer!!!

And Berkleigh got a Lalaloopsy Mermaid!!!

Quincy seemed to love her wooden
frog and train.

I also made Jennifer a new photo book of the first
 6 years of her life.
(Thank you Shutterfly)
It turned out really cute!!!

And we got her a new sweater that are her 
favorite colors!!!

Then we had Santa pancakes for breakfast.

On the 25th, Matthew got this really cool
 Starship Enterprise.....
wait for it.....

...Pizza cutter!!!
Yes we are nerds!!!
We sent Chris one too!!!

Merrick, Berkleigh and Quincy made me a set of 8
dinner plates with their own designs baked right into 
the plates.
Love them...soooo cute!!! 
We have already used them!!!

So our Christmas might have been a bit fragmented,
and we totally missed Chris and Tyson so much,
but we had a fun time being together as much as possible.
Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas all week!!!

My little munchkins are finally here!!!
Jennifer Merrick, Berkleigh, and Quincy flew into
Houston on Monday night.
(We are missing Tyson a lot but he had to stay and work :( )
So when I woke up yesterday morning it
felt like Christmas already because I knew we 
would get to play with them all day!!!
The first thing they wanted to do was to go to see
the alligators down the road from us in Jennings.
This is the first time Merrick has held one.

Berkleigh has held one before when they were here
two Christmas ago.

After we got our fill of the alligators,
(which didn't take long because Quincy did not like them at all!!!)
we went to play at the park!!!

We fed the birds and the ducks...

Climbed on the oil well...

Hung upside down and....

...right side up.

Played with Grandpa...

They love this...

And they loved getting Grandpa dizzy!!!

QT loved the playground too!!!

And I guess we wore them out because they
slept until 8:00 this morning...
(You have to just love this picture!!!) 
which is good because we have another fun filled day
planned for today!!!!