Saturday, July 13, 2013

35th Anniversary surprise!!!

For our 35th Anniversary, Wayne surprised me with
 a trip to Baton Rouge. We have been wanting
to go for quite awhile and see some of 
the south's amazing mansions.
This is Oak Alley it is one of the most popular
because of the amazing oak trees that form an
archway up to the estate.

They have a lot of weddings here because it is so beautiful.
Maybe not so many in the summer...because it was hot!!!
Notice one of our tour guides in her long gown.

They still grow sugar cane on the acres of land
around the mansion. This large bowl was used 
to process the sugar cane.

The list of slaves that worked in the house and
 on the plantation is really amazing.

Inside the mansion was amazing. The large fan
 above the table is called a shewfly. It has a rope attached
so it could be pulled back and forth by hand (by one of the slaves)
while they were eating. It kept the flies away
and gave a bit of a breeze.
The little napkins covered a glass bottle
that had sugar water in the bottom. The flies flew in
but they couldn't get out.

This bedroom was my favorite. Love the bed and the cradle 
in the foreground is the only original piece
 that went with the house.

We decided that we just couldn't live in 
Louisiana and not see the Myrtles. Why, you ask?
Well, it is haunted!!! 
So this was our next stop...

It looked just as spooky on the outside as it was suppose
to be on the inside.
Love the trees with the hanging moss!!!

We couldn't take many pictures inside the house
but we could take a few in this room.
This piano is said to have been frequently played
by one of the little girls who died here from small pox.

And sometimes ghosts will show up in this mirror
to get their pictures taken. 
Is that a ghost standing next to me?
Oh, no... That's just Wayne!!!

One of the ghosts likes to steal the guests
earrings!!!  I looked around the room and I was the only
one on our tour who was wearing earrings.
 I thought about taking them out but hey...if she wants
one of my earrings then she will have to come and get it!!!
I guess she didn't like them because
 I still have both of them. would have made a great story!!!

Outside there was a pond with an island and a gezzebo.
And yes...that is the traditional Louisiana green
pond water and cypress trees in the distance.

The owners have a picture of the ghosts taken from this
side of the house. One of the slave girl who was murdered
standing by the pillar, and the another one with two
children sitting on the roof. Both of them had also died
in the house from small pox. 
I really wanted to see a ghost...
or at least feel a cold hand on the back of my neck!!!
Oh well...maybe next time.

The next day we decided to go visit the capitol.
It is very unique, since it doesn't have a dome.

Somehow the elevator took us higher
up than we were suppose to we took
advantage and took some great pictures of
 the Mississippi on one side...

...and the view on the other.

There are 50 steps up to the
for each state in the USA and the year
 it was made a state!!! Awesome!!!

We also went to the art museum. These dresses were designed 
by a famous Louisiana designer.
They were beautiful...

Speaking of ghost like...

The most amazing artwork was this
design made completely out of string.
Believe it or is made with 40 miles 
of colored string!!!

And here is a close up...
It was suppose to have been taken down in April
but we were there in June.
I am glad we didn't miss it.
My picture doesn't do it justice.

And of course, the blue dog at the capitol.
Another famous Louisiana artist.

Our last stop was the Louisiana history museum.
Here are a couple of my favorite pieces...
Another dress...worn by 3 generations of southern bells.
One of those occasions was the Louisiana purchase.

President Zachary Taylor's sword.

...and Louis Armstrong's bugle!!!

This little alligator is not a bobble head doll
but he was seen in the back window of cars
back in the day!!!
Notice the light in his mouth! He was connected
to the brake light!!!
(and Yes he is real!!!)

Thanks Wayne for the fun anniversary surprise!!!
Love you!!!