Friday, January 30, 2009


Today is Matthews 1 year anniversary
for being on his mission!!!

He is having a great mission
and helping many of the Mexican people.
He is in Culiacan where the Mission home is located.

The funniest story that Matthew has told us lately is when
he and his companion met a man on the street and asked
him how he was. After initial greetings, the man said he
was occupied at the moment.
But the Elders proceeded to ask if they could just take
a moment of his time to tell him about the restoration.
Then the man told them he was deaf!!!

I will have to remember that one when
telemarketers call!!!

Just one year to go Elder Sorensen!!
You are doing a great job!!
Love you!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Eve in Mexico!!!

We received some of Matthew's pictures yesterday!!!
The Mission President and his wife had the Elders in the area over for dinner
and activities on Christmas Eve.
They are getting ready to act out the Nativity....

...can you guess what part Matthew played!!!
I don't know how he was talked into playing Mary
but he is always such a good sport!!!

The ward gave them gifts for Christmas......

...and on New Year's Eve they had a barbecue at
a members home.
It looks like they ate very well, but I would be
surprised if Matthew ate any of these onions!!!

Keep up the good work, Elder Sorensen!!!