Friday, August 19, 2011

A birthday...100 years in the making!!!

While on vacation, our whole family went
to see my Dad to celebrate his 100th birthday!!!
He lives with my sister and her family in Washington!!!
And it just so happens that Jennifer and Tyson
just moved to Oregon, so they are only
about 3 hours away!!!
So after spending some time with Jennifer we
piled into the car....
(all 8 of us with equal amounts of luggage)
and drove to Washington.

My Dad was thrilled to see us all
because we have never all been together with my sister's
family at the same time.
We spent about 4 days with him and it was a blast!!!
On Saturday we had a party with fantastic
barbecued hamburgers
and of course cake....

He blew out the candles...

And opened presents...

He was very excited that Mary Jane and I had made
him a quilt. Mary copied the pictures onto
the fabric for me and I did the rest.

We had everyone's picture on the quilt
including my Mom....
Which made Dad kind of teary eyed....

The twins had a great time getting to know their
new cousins.
This is Tessa...

This is Alex giving Dad this giant card he and his sister,
Rory, had made for him, along with the
cap which had a bottle opener attached to the brim!!!!

We had a great time and can't wait to go back again...

Here are some close ups of the quilt...

Stay tuned for pictures from the rest of our vacation....