Monday, December 13, 2010

Getting ready for Christmas!!!

Last week some of my friends included me in making
gift tags for our gifts this year.

I decided to go simple... I could get more done.

Here are a few which I cut out by using my
Cricut machine, which I love and use all the time.

When I got home I added some glitter so they didn't look
quite soooo simple.

There was a bit of giggling when the girls discovered
that both Susan and I
(Susan is my son's mother-in-law)
had brought samples of our
wrapping paper so our tags would match!!!

So... I am thinking...just what was the giggling for?
Why wouldn't we want our tags
to match our wrapping paper?

Just what were they thinking?
(I hope you know that I am kidding)

I had a great time, Lisa!!! Thanks for the fun day.
We will have to do it again next year.
(and have everyone bring their wrapping paper!!!)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

OK...So it's not a Macy's parade........

...but it was fun and we only had to travel
to Sulphur for their annual
balloon parade.

We thought they were only going to have
the "balloon shaped" balloons
but they also had these cute
(I know they are not flying but Sulphur has low hanging electrical wires)

...and even some cute puppies...

And here is Wayne trying to get as much candy as possible
before the little girls gets it all.
(Not really, there was tons of candy for everyone)

We also picked up a bunch of beads...
I have been out since I gave all of mine away.
So all the people around us started to give us
their beads too...

And here is our stash of candy...
Can you find the crawfish?
The sucker in the shape of a cross?
Two old pieces of Halloween candy...
...and how many tootsie rolls are there?