Friday, September 18, 2009

Trip to Washington

I just arrived home from my week long trip
to see my Dad, my sister Mary Jane and
her husband Rob.
(and I don't want to leave out Meathead, their cute
black and white kitty.)

Notice Dad's flower garden behind us...
the Dalias are especially beautiful!!!

Mary Jane took the week off from work
and the first day I was there we went
to Mt. Rainier. It was a perfect day with
not a cloud in the sky. We drove as far up the
mountain as we could get by car. Mary thought
we would be able to see snow on the ground but
it had melted away from the lodge where we ate
our picnic lunch.

We made a couple of stops along the way

One at the top of this waterfall, which was very
cool. Mary and I hiked down to the base of the

...and then looked back up to see my Dad
waving his arms at us from the bridge.
(He is next to the man in the white shirt.)

At the lodge we found a chair build to
fit a King so we had Dad sit awhile
while we shopped in the gift shop.

To bad we forgot to bring his crown!!!

I think the weather was just made for us
because it was such a beautiful day.

The rest of the week Mary and I played.
We went to the state fair and ate traditional
Washington State fair scones with raspberry jam,
checked out the quilt show and sewing displays,
(for a couple of hours!!!)
checked out the animals,
(because dad was going to ask)
(and because it didn't feel like a fair if we didn't at least see a cow!!!)
and the flower and pottery exhibits.

We also went to as many fabric stores
as we could get away with and hauled home
an abundance of fabric!!!

The highlight of the trip was to see Eric,
my nephew and his wife, Stacy and their
adorable children, Alex and Rory...

...And my other Nephew, Brian and his wife,
Crystal and their cutie pie daughters
Jessy and Tessa.
(sorry Jessy is missing from the picture along
with Daniel who wasn't able to come)

We had a really great time and I
can't wait to go back!!!
(but I better start sewing so I can feel OK about
purchasing more fabric!!!)

Love you guys!!!