Monday, September 20, 2010

We had the opportunity to go on a fabulous trip
to Canada a couple of weeks ago with some
wonderful friends of ours.

We flew into Montreal and went sightseeing
to "Old Montreal."
I love old buildings and especially cathedrals so
we went inside this Catholic church.
It was very ornate and kind of dark so most of my
pictures didn't turn out....

...but I did get a good picture of this
stained glass window which was
in the ceiling...very cool...

We walked around this part of town and
went into some of the shops..

...before we traveled on to where we were
staying for the week.

Mont-Tremblant is about 75 miles north
of Montreal and it was really beautiful!!!

"Halte du quai" means "Stop at the wharf"

Here we are with our friends the Smiths and the Neeleys
just after our cruise around the lake.

We stayed in this fun apartment...

...which looked out over the golf course.

We went on hikes and saw a few deer.
This one was really tame. If we would have had some
food I think she would have eaten right out of our hand.

There were flowers everywhere!!!
On the bridges...

On the side of the road...

...and even above the road.

One morning we went exploring and found this
old covered bridge...

...and took more pictures through the sides of the bridge.
(this is one of my favorites!!!)

Right near the bridge was this quaint

...and this cool sign post.

Of course we had to get in our daily
required amount of shopping.

This is the Mont-Tramblant village which had
lots of shops and fun things to do!!!

Such as the candy shop....

... and the Christmas store, which we found
ourselves in almost every day.

Before we left the owner new our names and
gave us each a friendship angel ornament...
just for coming in every day.

This was one of our favorite places to eat...
We had dinner crepes one night and dessert crepes
one afternoon. They were heavenly.

They even had a "Build a Bear Workshop"...

Before we left, I decided to take more pictures of the
signs...since they were in French and
kind of fascinating....

Some were very familiar....

...and others I had to look twice to figure out
what they were trying to say!!!

We had a great time and like most places
we visit, I hope I can return someday...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

More vacation pictures...

Here are some more pictures of the fun we had
during our vacation in California.

One day we rode the ferry out to Balboa
Island. It is not an actual island because
you can also drive there but the ferry is
the way to go....

It is a really cute little place with lots of fun
shops. We walked out onto the pier,
watched the waves and hung out...

They had a great playground where the kids
had a fun time climbing on this crazy
spider-webby shaped thing that must
have been about 25 feet tall!!!
Merrick of course climbed all the way to the top.

And of course the swings were super fun too!!!

The fire station was displaying
their antique fire engine so we
went in and had a look... favorite part was watching the twins walking
around in their fire hats.

Part of the time we just hung out...

One day the twins took us to a reptile store.
It must have had every kind of snake, spider or
reptile that you would ever want for a pet.
(...or not)
We bought the food so we could feed the turtles...
little did I know that the food would be alive...
and that the turtles would be soooo hungry...
There was even a huge catfish in the bottom of this
pond that loved the worms...

We also enjoyed our helium balloon ride...
We had to wait for a couple of hours until it was
our turn... but it was worth the wait.

It was dark by the time we went up
but it was a wonderful evening and the
surrounding city lights were beautiful.
We could even see Disneyland's fireworks
off in the distance.

Of course one of my favorite places to go is the zoo...
and I have always wanted to go to the San Diego Zoo.

Giraffes are always my favorite...

...but I also loved the seals....

...and the bugs!!!
You have to agree that these are the cutest
bugs you have ever seen!!!

Of course the pandas are amazing....
This is the dad.

The mom and baby were kept separately.
(but those pics didn't turn out as well)

The night before I came home,
we went to Disneyland to watch the
fireworks and hang out at
Downtown Disney
We had benets at the Jazz kitchen...

....saw the lifesize Woody in the Lego store...

...and watched this lady, who reminded us of Snow White,
make these incredible Mickey Mouse candy apples!!!

We were all pooped by the end of our trip...

....but we can't wait to go back again!!!!
Love you guys!!!
Thanks for such a fun time!!!