Monday, July 23, 2012

New addition to the family....

 Over the weekend our electricity went out 
because we had a bad storm blow through
 with lightening, and thunder and torrential rain and the
whole nine yards.
The power wasn't suppose to come back on
until Sunday night
(it went out on Friday night) we bought a generator.
We have been wanting to get one for quite a while
because who knows when you might need one...especially
 living by the gulf.

 He adds a lot of decorum to the house...

 ...just so we can have this....

 ...and this...

Luckily our power came back on early Sunday morning
so we didn't have to go through another whole day
of heat and darkness!!!

I think we are going to name him Gus...
because he is very grumpy and loud...
and he is very expensive to feed...
but he is a good friend to have around in a pinch!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Arise and Shine Forth...

 Last night our youth performed their pageant that they
have been working on for months. They did such an awesome job!!!
The music was fabulous, the dancing was fabulous, the story of the
restoration of the church and the early saints in Louisiana was also fabulous.
A sister in our stake, Sister Rachel Ross, wrote the story and music after 
studying the history of the church in our area.

While the kids were practicing, I was asked to help with the scenery,
my favorite kind of helping!!! I took these pictures right after I was done
with the painting. The rest of the artists came after and added trees and more sky and completed the look.

I thought they even looked better last night on the stage with the
lights and the actors!!!

I had so much fun painting these temples!!!
I am so glad they asked me to help and be included
in such an awesome project!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Happy Birthday to me.....!!!!!

Wayne needed to go on a work trip to New Orleans
over my Birthday so of course I went too....

We had two nights in the Marriott on Sasol.
(thank you for the Birthday present!!!) 
Unfortunately, it rained most of the time we were there but 
we had a fabulous time. 
 Only in New Orleans would you see
red chandeliers, they were awesome...
so of course I had to take a picture of them...

We arrived about 7:30 in the evening so we just 
checked out around our hotel before
calling it a night....
Harrah's casino was right across the street so we went in
to check out the night life.

 Loved the large Marti Gras masks in the 
Marti Gras room....
we didn't stay was kind of smoky.

 Wayne had to go to work the next morning,
so I walked to the Riverwalk
to do some shopping...
it was too rainy to do much else.

Tried out the Beignets 
(fried bread...fabulous!!!)
at the famous Cafe Du Monde... I saved some for Wayne
beacuse I didn't know if we would get back there
or not... but they are much better hot!!!

And some very hot and spicy, seafood Gumbo for lunch...
it made my nose run...but I loved it!!!

 Then I watched the paddle boats on the

This picture is out of sequence but oh well,
we did go back to Cafe Du Monde...

 ....and a ferry.

Then Wayne arrived back at the hotel earlier than he thought...
because of the we walked to the French Quarter...
Love the cute balconies...

We went into the "House of Voodoo" just for fun.
The floor was cool and completely tiled with broken

 Do you love the skeleton mirror?
...and, of course, Wayne!!!

Then we continued our walk to Jackson square and went inside
 St. Louis Cathedral. 

Everything was in French....
This is on the inside above the front door.

We took a couple pictures of random things...
ljke this horse post which was cool...

...and the gas lights that they have lit even in the daytime.

We got stopped by a train...even though we were walking... 
it was a long took forever.

That night we ate at the Palace Cafe... a really nice restaurant
just next to our hotel...

We had the chicken....mine was rotisserie grilled
on top of truffled potatoes with argula lettuce on top.
It was fabulous!!!
Waynes had pesto on top of the chichen
and layered on tomatoes and grilled potatoes.

Then we walked around a bit more and saw the trollies...

The famous blue dogs on the side of some building...

...and the insecterium...but just from the outside.

...and Wayne surprised me with a bracelet from
one of my favorite stores.
I love it!!!

The next day we had to come home but we 
 stopped at Wayne's work first and then we
took a ferry across the Mississippi.

And came was a great trip and a really
fun birthday!!!