Thursday, September 19, 2013

Back from our fabulous trip!!!

We just arrived back from our fun trip to Salem, Oregon 
to see the family and to Utah to see more of the family!!!

Our first stop was Sunriver near Bend, Oregon 
where we all got together and had a fabulous
labor day weekend.

Our first activity was to rent bikes and go
for a nice long bike ride. Just gotta love
Quincy's made her look top heavy
but still ohhh sooo cute!!!

Chris and Matthew decided to try out the tandem
bike. When do you get a chance to just be crazy!!!
(Oh, well...every time these two get together!!!)

We stopped for a break along the way
to check out the view...

Somebody loved her ride...

The next day we went to the water park
and had a blast!!!

We didn't get too many pictures here
because I actually didn't bring my camera
until later.

The little QT liked hanging out with her Grandpa

The next day we went to the nature center and saw
some otters being fed.

They had some really fun life size Lincoln logs...
Can you see Berkleigh trapped inside?

And then the kids made their own little cars!!!
They helped saw their own wheels...

...and then using a hand drill and no electricity,
they put them together.

When we first went into the park, we saw all the kids
pulling their little cars around with them. Berkleigh 
was so happy when we finally found the "craft table"
so she could have a car too!!!

The next day... horseback riding...
We were going to go canoeing too but we
 had to wait until later in the day...which worked 
out well because then the guys were 
able to come with us.

I am not sure what Merrick's horses name was
...maybe Molly....but Berkleigh's horses name 
was Houdini.

Of course the QT was too small to do most 
anything but she liked petting her pony!!

While the girls and Merrick were riding ponies,
the guys went white water rafting....

We could have taken the twins rafting but after 
seeing these pictures, I am glad we decided 
to do something else...but the guys had a great time!!!

Later in the day, we all went canoeing...

After canoeing we ate dinner at this fabulous
little Mexican restaurant right on the lake
then stopped at another part of the lake where
Chris decided to climb on the rocks.

He fell in... which was funny at the time until
we realized that he had punctured his foot on the rocks.
But it was a good thing we had a podiatrist with
us to take care of it!!!
Thanks Dr. Scott!!!

The boys know that if Mom has her camera...their
antics are likely to end up on the blog...
They just had to try out Quincy's ride....

This was the morning we left...
Thanks Chris for bringing a glow in the dark 
frizbee and some other balls because the kids
had a great time in our backyard!!!
We are Sunriver fans for life!!!
We may have to go back next year!!!
The next day, after we returned to Jen and 
Tyson's house, the kidos went off to the first grade.
They were so cute and we were so glad to 
be able go with them on their first day of school!!! 
Quincy is ready too...she has my camera case...

Our next stop....going to see my Dad!!!
He had just turned 102 the week
we brought presents and cake!!!
 Love Chris' photo bombing!!!

He was really happy to see us and we were
happy to see him!!!

We spent the last few days of our vacation
with Wayne's family in Manti, Utah.
It was really great to see them too!!!
It was a nice end to our summer...
can't wait until next year...