Thursday, March 29, 2012

So far.....

I have been working on three projects
for my adorable grandchildren.

Berkleigh really loves to dress up
as Rapunzel.
(And that is a bit of an understatement)

So I saw that someone had made a Rapunzel wig
on Pinterest and decided that Berkleigh
needed to have one...

It contains two pounds of yarn and it should
touch the floor when she wears it.
I am planning on braiding it and of course
adding flowers...
but right now I am trying to decide how to do that
without putting on one of the boys heads
to hold it straight.?...
(I wish I had that picture!!!)

And how can you have a princess without a
I know I have confused a couple of fairy tails
together...but who is going to care?...really...?

Anyway, Merrick loves dragons and Jennifer made him a
dragon tail for Christmas last year so this hat is going to match..
Green with teal plates on top
like a Stegosaurus!!!
I know it might sound a little lame but
I think he will really love it.

Are you wondering yet why I am crocheting and not sewing?
Well, just in case you are....
my sewing machine has been in the shop for almost
two months...and I am having withdrawals.
(That should be a whole other post!!!)
So I had to find something else to keep my hands busy..

Although, I did decide to borrow a machine from my friend Michele
a couple of days ago
so that I could make the third project...
shoes to match Quincy's blessing dress!!!

I made a yellow pair for her a couple of months ago and they turned
out really cute.
(I think that was the last project I made on my machine)

We are going to her blessing next week
so I need to finish all of these projects before we go.

I can't wait to see how Jennifer has added her special touch
to Quincy's dress.

We will both have to be surprised....
and in a hurry to get them done....