Monday, October 20, 2008


It has been a year today since my Mom passed away.
She was always such a great Mom to my sister and I and wife to my Dad. She was dedicated to us which was obvious by the way she was always involved in our lives.
She taught us to sew when we were young. Both Mary Jane and I completed 10 years in the 4-H program where we won many awards for our clothing and sheep projects.

Mom came with us each year as we attended 4-H summer camp.
Because the bathrooms were so far away from where we camped,
she would get up early each morning
and bring us water so we could freshen up and brush our teeth.
(Looking back, I think she just wanted to hurry us along,
but we thought it was because we were special!!!)

Mom was also my room mother every year at school until I grew out of having room mothers.
She always made special yummy treats for each of the holidays.
We were always the envy of the other classes.
She did all of this at the same time my Dad working as a carpenter.
She was always right there with him getting him supplies, painting
and helping with whatever he needed.

By her actions she taught me to be a kind and caring person.
They were always helping others, and actively, attended church.

We love this picture of Mom holding Berkleigh for the first time.

Mom loved to sew, crochet and knit. She always had a project that she was working on and many completed so she was ready to give anyone
who needed one a baby blanket or a hand made towel.

Mom loved flowers and hummingbirds. She had a collection of vases. And she loved to pick up and collect rocks from different placed they had visited.

Her favorite President was Ronald Reagan. When he was governer of California, he visited the Santa Cruz county fair. She crossed the barrier to shake his hand and get his picture. She might have had more pictures of Ronald Reagan than most of the rest of the family!

More recently, when we went to visit, Mom didn't usually
feel well enough to go out.
But this summer, we talked them into going to the beach for a barbeque.
Dad loved helping Tyson cook the hamburgers.
It was a great day.
(We always got a kick out of Mom's sunglasses!!!)

That same summer we also talked them into going to see the 10:00 pm showing of the
"Pirates of the Carribean".
We thought they would like it--- but not so much!!
Movies have changed a lot since they had seen their last one
20 years ago!!!

Mom was always really proud of her 5 Grandchildren and 7 Great Grand Children.
We love you Mom!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's a contest!!!

Matthew's birthday will soon be here on November 22nd.
So join in the fun to see how many birthday cards Matthew
can receive by his birthday!!!
It takes 3 weeks for him to get his mail,
(plus the wait in the mission home)
so if you send him a card sometime this week he should
receive it before his birthday!!!

Here is his address:
Elder Matthew Sorensen
Mexico Culiacan Mission
Rio Choix 888
Colonia Rosales
Culiacan, Sinaloa 80230

This is not pouch mail. Cards are not allowed in the pouch mail.
So the cost of the card will be 72 cents.

Thanks for joining in on the fun!!!