Monday, April 8, 2013

Time with family!!!

A couple of weeks ago we went to see my Dad who
 lives in Washington with my sister, Mary Jane 
and her husband, Rob.

 We had a great time visiting with them.
Mary drove us around to see some of the sights.

We saw the legislature building where she occasionally
  works for the legislature.


Mary also recently finished a quilt that she has
 been working on. It is now hanging in 
their church for the Easter season...
and it is beautiful.
Each square stands for a woman in the Bible.

Here are a couple of the squares close up...
they are amazing!!!

She told me who each of these squares stood for...
but I may have them backwards...
Mary and Elizabeth...
and of course, Eve.

And these two are Mary and Martha...

...and of course Mrs. Noah...

We then went to see Jennifer and family...
Jen and Tyson knew we were coming but
Jennifer decided that we should surprise the kidos.
And they were really surprised...

Berkleigh started to was too

 And of course, Quincy went right to Grandpa...
she is his girl...
It took her about a whole day before she would
let me hold her for any length of time.

And Merrick really got into his quilt!!!

 I think he loved it!!!

We only stayed the weekend before going
 back to my sister's house, 
but we had a great time!!!

 One day we went to the park for a few minutes before
it started to rain again!!!
Notice the munchkins are use to this weather...

They don't go very many places without their boots...
they are a staple in Oregon.

Then just before we left we put Merrick's quilt
on his bed.
We would have put it on earlier but Wayne and I slept in 
his room and Merrick slept with his quilt and pillow
in the girls room.

Doesn't Merrick look like a model
in this picture!!!

Love it!!!