Saturday, April 16, 2011

YW Campout

Our Young women went camping this weekend to
a Ward member's back yard which was incredible.....

They even have a pond on their ten acre
It was a beautiful day for a camp out...
not a cloud in the sky and
last night the moon was almost full!!!

We almost didn't even need flashlights!!!

This morning the guys took us shooting...

Alayna is already a pro and doesn't need any instruction

...and Vicki knows a thing or two about guns and can
blow those clay pigeons into dust.

But it was Sarah Beth who surprised us all with her
talents!!! We can't wait for her to show up
her older brothers...good luck boys!!!

The rest of us are still learning...
(I must add)
...from the best

Here is Jessica...

...and Haley with the Bishop.


and Lindsay!!!!


...and Ashley.

Our Young Women's President, Lisa,
looks like a pro...

and me...
I didn't hit the clay pigeon with this shot,
but I did with the next.

Then I was done...two shots...I am happy to say
that I have shot a rifle!!!

Then I went back to shooting my 18 mm.

We had a really great time and the girls did a
really great job.