Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just the right size.....

Today I took flat Berkleigh and flat Merrick
to Jennings, Louisiana!!
Not much going on in this little town
but they do have a great little park just off the freeway
where they have an alligator house!!

That is where we met Bubba!!!
He is eleven months old.

Do you just love the leash?

This little guy was brought to the alligator
house by a hunter who had found him in the wild.
I was told that he "waited around"
for the mother to return but decided he must have
gotten separated from the rest of his family.
Because he has been raised in captivity he is
smaller (by about 4 inches) than he should be.

I wonder if the 4 inches are really going
to make much difference in the long run?

I sent flat Merrick and flat Berkleigh
home today. So sad but we will be visiting
them in person in just a few weeks.

We just can't wait!!!
See you soon!!
Love Ya!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hugs from the Grandchildren!!!

Merrick and Berkleigh made us some hugs
the other day and sent them to us!!!
We love them and can't wait for the real thing
when we go on vacation in a couple of weeks!!!

Thanks bunches!!!
Your cute little hands really made us smile!!
Love you!!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Flat twins for the fourth!!!

Hi!! I am flat Berkleigh, and I am flat Merrick!!
and we have arrived in Lake Charles, Louisiana
just in time for the 4th of July celebration!!!

We got to hang out with our cool Uncle Chris and
cute Aunt Jen!!!

And we are staying with our awesome
Grandparents, Grandma and Grandpa Sorensen.
Grandma stuck flags in her hair
to get into the spirit of the holiday!!!

We had to hang around for awhile listening
to the band play until it got dark enough
to see the fireworks.....

..... But then when it was totally dark,
the fireworks started and they were awesome.

We were so excited that grandma could
hardly keep us still so she could get a picture.

We had tons of fun!!!
Tomorrow we are going to see something that
Louisiana is famous for!!!
We can hardly wait to find out what it is.....!!!
Grandma says it will be a BIG surprise!!!