Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sentimental Halloween...

Every year at Halloween I put out this little pumpkin
 that Chris made in the 3rd grade.
 He is almost worn out but he is so cute that
every year after Halloween is over I just put
him back into the Halloween box to save for yet
another year. Chris's name is just barely
legible and the back has a big hole in it.

But he reminds me of all of the cute little things that
the kids use to make at school and bring home
to decorate the house.
I remember not really appreciating them at the time
but I am glad that I saved a few of them.
Even though he is nearly worn out he 
is my favorite Halloween decoration and
I hope he will stay around for a few 
more years to come.
I guess I am just getting old and sentimental!!!

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the Sorensen's said...

I'm like you. I treasure the holiday decorations that the kids make. They are my favorite ones too. And I love it when the kids retell their version of how they made their decorations/art work.
Our kids just grew up too fast.
Love, Valerie